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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

Jul 4, 2013

As a reporter for ABC and Bloomberg Television, Lara Setrakian crisscrossed the Middle East reporting live as the Arab Spring spread throughout the region. Her first-hand experience of what was happening in the region left her increasingly frustrated with the rift between what was actually occurring and what the American people were hearing. Breaking away from a burgeoning career in TV news, Lara took a cue from the digitally-savvy young Arabs who were transforming the region and set out to use the power of the internet to create a revolution in the way news is provided.Since December 2012, Lara has, a site devoted exclusively to in-depth coverage of the Syria conflict. With interactive tools such as timelines, a defection tracker and diagrams that map out the relationships between the key players, Syria Deeply empowers visitors with the tools and the stories to move beyond mere awareness of the conflict to a deep and genuine understanding. With other single-issue news sites in the works--ranging from Myanmar Deeply to Autism Deeply--Lara and her team are poised to give important issues the depth of coverage that each of them deserves.Lara joins Bryan and Hunter on the podcast to talk about why she felt she had to start Syria Deeply, the conflict that is going on there, why it matters to the US and why the US needs to articulate a clear foreign policy. Lara Setrakian can be followed on twitter at @Lara.