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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

Oct 31, 2012

Featuring sex therapist, Dr. Hernando Chaves. They discuss sex as it pertains to men and women in relationships. The focus is on, how to be a better lover in your relationships and oh yes, they do talk about penis size.

Oct 16, 2012

Featuring Radio and television personality Mike Catherwood of Lovelines with Dr. Drew and Simone Bienne. He's one of the most beloved names in Los Angeles' top rated radio market. Known to listeners as Psycho Mike, he has created some of the most well-received characters for the groundbreaking KROQ radio program The...

Oct 12, 2012

Featuring Dr. Howard Wasdin, author of 3 books, SEAL TEAM SIX: WARRIOR, SEAL TEAM SIX: OUTCASTS, and SEAL TEAM SIX: MEMOIRS OF AN ELITE NAVY SEAL SNIPER. DR. HOWARD E. WASDIN is a former Navy SEAL Team Six member and co-author of SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy Seal Sniper. He was awarded the Silver Star for his...

Oct 2, 2012

Featuring Michael Callen, back by popular demand. Once again, he illuminates us with his wise words. In this episode, we discuss "The Power to Change," recognizing specific behavior patterns, managing feelings, perception and assumption you have about yourself. We also discuss the presidential campaign and the upcoming...