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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

Apr 23, 2016

Adam Grant is the youngest tenured and most highly rated Professor at the Wharton School of Business BUT he passed up the opportunity to invest in the massively successful eyewear company Warby Parker. Why did he do this? Why did Steve Jobs think the Segway was going to change the world? Why do some people do things so original that they change the world and why do people who are brilliant in one area often misread brilliance in other areas. We loved Adam's first book Give and Take. Then, as he says in the interview, he got fed up with talking about that book so he wrote another all about how non-conformists succeed and fail in changing the world for the better. Full of fascinating stories and the latest research, the Originals lets us know that Give and Take wasn't a fluke. Adam Grant has now written two brilliant books. And though it's probably premature to say this from a statistical standpoint, it's pretty clear that based on his first two books that Adam Grant really knows how to write great books. Thank goodness for us he's so young so he can keep pumping great books out for years to come.