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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

Jul 24, 2012

Featuring the man that shaped me, my father, Michael Callen. In this podcast, MICHAEL CALLEN, talks about why he is a libertarian and how the biggest threat to our country is the "growth of the state". He takes issue with both the Republican and Democratic parties and explains why personal liberty must be defended at all costs. This is a man who ran the biggest investment bank in the world, and was also the CEO of AMBAC. He has spent a great deal of time on Capital Hill and has first hand experience at how the federal government really works. If you want to hear what the Libertarian philosophy is all about give this podcast a listen. He'll tell you why we should legalize drugs and prostitution and why government regulation and growth is the root of all evil. He's the most well read man I've ever known and it's always enlightening to hear the result - in my humble opinion. Enjoy!