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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

Sep 11, 2012

Featuring a Special Operations ground-force commander who was responsible for carrying out KILL/CAPTURE missions in Iraq and Afganistan. I interviewed him after he came back from doing 5 tours in Iraq and Afganistan. He worked and commanded several JSOC missions where he worked with members of SEAL TEAM 6 and DELTA FORCE. He wasn't allowed to go into details but I think a lot of what he shares here is interesting. He says he was a member of the RANGER 365 battalion but my guess is he was MORE than a Ranger. I think he was actually DELTA or something to that equivalent. Either way, he was a humble guy with a big heart who had a job to do. That job at times was obviously to kill people. War, in the end, is the business of killing people and we speak of that at length. The irony was he was doing so because he believed he was saving American lives. He was always ready to sacrifice his own life for his fellow commandos and from what I could gather (off mic) he had been in several fire fights and other hair raising situations where that conviction was put to the test.  . This is a man with a strong ideology who could not afford to think to deeply about the bigger questions so many of us in the civilian world have the luxury of pondering. Happy listening! Hope you learn something.