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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

Sep 24, 2012

Featuring Kieran Gallagher, who has been working in Hollywood as a top tier stunt man for many years. He's currently working on HANGOVER 3 and although he worked on HANGOVER 1 & 2, I didn't meet him until he showed up as my stunt double in the short lived DEATH VALLEY - that no one saw.  Kieran is one of those legit tough guys who knows a hell of a lot more than he lets on and who volunteers nothing in the way of what he is or what he can do.  He was a professional MMA fighter who also fought professionally as a boxer (24 pro fights before he was even in college) and then went on to fight Muay Thai in Thailand and MMA in Japan and the U.S. If you watch a UFC bout with the guy it's like he's seen the fight already. I've never seen anyone predict what's going to happen 3 seconds before it does more accurately. It's freaky. In our interview we talk about what scares him the most about being a stunt man and how he got into stunts. He then surprises me with a hidden skill set I had no idea he had and he goes on to tell a fascinating and hair raising story about where that skill set lead him. Enjoy.