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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

Sep 21, 2012

Featuring Alana Evans is one of those rare porn stars who's been romping on film for over 15 years and still going strong. I went to her house in the valley to do this interview and what blew me away was how normal her household looked. Dogs everywhere, pictures on the wall of family and kids, art projects on the fridge etc. I wanted to interview Alana because after meeting her several times and talking to her I couldn't get over how remarkably normal she seems. It just puzzled me how a woman could be a hard core porn star with all that entails and not fall into what most of us picture happens to people who choose to make their living fucking on film. Depression, drugs, despair etc. As you'll hear, Alana is far from any of that. She's just living her life, making money and doing what most of us do when not at work. Helping out at school functions, watching her son play football etc. We talk about how she juggles having a 19 year old son who's football team mates know exactly what his mom does, how she deals with fans, haters and the every day and then I ask her a lot of questions most guys want to ask a porn star cuz let's face it, man - SHE'S A FREAK AND WE LOVE IT!  Enjoy!