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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

Apr 28, 2014

After trying to read his kid to sleep one night with little success, writer Adam Mansbach posted as a joke on his Facebook look out for my upcoming children’s book Go the Fuck to Sleep. That joke eventually turned into a book and that book ended up being #1 on Amazon. Then, Samuel L. Jackson read the audiobook. In this interview, Adam Mansbach tells us about that experience, discusses parenting and shares with Hunter and Bryan what motivated him to write a novel about graffiti culture in NYC called Rage is Back. When he’s not writing children’s books with swear words in the title, Adam Mansbach writes really interesting novels. You can find him on the web at or on twitter at @adammansbach. His books include Go the Fuck to Sleep, the PG version Seriously, Go to Sleep, The Dead Run, Angry Black White Boy, Rage is Back, The End of the Jews, Nature of the Beast, Shackling Water, A Fictional History of the United States (with huge chunks missing) and Genius B-Boy Cynics Getting Weeded In the Garden of Delights. Be sure to rate and comment in iTunes.