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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

May 30, 2013

Dave Asprey, asks Why do I do this? Because I’m happier when I get to help people, and because it took nearly 20 years and $250k to learn how to do things that aren’t supposed to be possible and then to use them to be a better entrepreneur, husband, and father. Things like how to upgrade my brain (12 IQ points!), get lean quickly (after weighing 300 lbs 15 years ago), have more energy, or just give a press conference in 4 different countries in 4 days without getting sick. If you’d like to take this journey with me, and upgrade your performance in every aspect of life, then please sign up for my email newsletter. You’ll gain instant access to my Biohacker Toolbox, including a copy of The Bulletproof Diet; which I used to go from a sick 300lb. young adult, to a lean, high-performing VP, coach, and father.