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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

Jun 26, 2014

In 2011, Coach Bill Courtney was catapulted to national fame when Undefeated, a documentary about his volunteer coaching of the Manassas High Football team, won the Academy Award for Best Documentary. Manassas, in a poor, African-American part of Memphis, had one of the worst records in the state and yet within a few short years, Courtney was able to turn the team around. Rather than coaching X’s and O’s, Courtney focused on teaching his players the character and attitude that were the foundation of success in any area of life: the same attitude he brings to his family and his business. Now, Coach shares these timeless principles in his first book Against The Grain: A Coach’s Wisdom on Character, Faith, Family and Love. In this interview, the Coach shares with us why he called the book Against The Grain and why he believes these timeless values are so important to rediscover in how we raise our kids, how we conduct our businesses and how we run our government. Be sure to rate and comment in iTunes. Also, you can find the show on Stitcher.