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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

May 19, 2014

As a regularly-employed writer on TV shows like That 70’s Show, How I Met Your Mother, Chuck and The Neighbors, Kristin Newman had two big things going for her: disposable income and months of vacation time. What she didn’t have was any particular desire to settle down, get married or start creating tiny humans with her body. So, instead she went traveling. While initially she was focused on the exotic locales pretty soon her trips became about the exotic locals. The world was filled with Israeli bartenders, Finnish poker players, sexy Bedouins, and Argentinean priests she could fall madly in love with… knowing that she had a way out thanks to the plane ticket on the bedside table. She would then return to her much more sensible and generally puritanical life in Los Angeles, where her friends were breeding away. As Kristin’s wanderlust transformed into lustful wanderings, she developed a confidence and freedom of spirit that she had always craved and that she began to carry with her everywhere. What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding is definitely a collection of really funny, foreign flings, but for anyone who has ever wondered whether settling down is for them it might be something more than that. It might be the answer to that question. What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding is available everywhere. You can follow Kristin on Twitter at @theotherkristin and on Tumblr at Be sure to rate and comment in iTunes.