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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

May 5, 2014

John Durant is the author of The Paleo Manifesto and that is exactly what it is. Far from being just another book about the Paleo Diet, John lays out for us why paleo makes sense from an evolutionary, agricultural and historical perspective. There are plenty of books that tell you what to eat; John’s is much more powerful because it explores the why’s behind how we eat. Why does it makes sense that Jews eat kosher? Why are urban females more likely to become vegan? And why from a biological standpoint is eating like hunter-gatherers so important for our health? Even if you have no interest in changing your diet, The Paleo Manifesto is a fascinating read. And if you are interested in changing your diet but can’t seem to stick to a regimen, then Durant’s book (by making sense of why Paleo works) will give you the psychological tools to get onboard with the program he advocates. The Paleo Manifesto is available from all good booksellers. You can find John on the web at His twitter account is @johndurant.