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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

Sep 22, 2017

Chris Ryan's van is back in town and that means it's time for Hunter to climb back into it again. After dosing Hunter with some sort of mystery tea, the idea sex gets going and Uncle Chris and Hunter start talking about this movement that's building in the podcasting world. UK-based artists Fantich & Young call it Primeval Yet Contemporary. Some people call it Chris-Ryanism. Chris Ryan calls it Paleomodern.

Although our culture has taught us to feel fear and shame around our biology, the reality is that we're primates. We poop. We fuck. We sleep. We play. Bryan Callen power fucks. You can improve your technique in how you do some of these things but again and again that wonderful emotion known as arrogance has often caused us to think that we are smarter than nature.

In the great improv game that is life, Chris Ryan has now taken Chris-Ryanism (aka Paleomodernism) to the next level. He has given us a simple resource for detribalizing humans en masse: The Big 7.