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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

Apr 18, 2017

A week ago, a group of fellows who had never met before showed up at Beer World in Columbus, Ohio. What happened at Beer World remains known only to Adam Hansen, David Foust, James Miller, Nate Fourman, Jeremy Hewett and Drew Sample. What happened afterwards everybody will know because Adam, James and Drew recorded a podcast.


This is what the internet is for. People with shared interests and a shared sense of purpose coming together to learn from each other and figure out how to take our collective insights and solve problems. There are a lot of awesome people out there from whom we never really get to hear. We have the tools to change that.


And so, have your own meet up. This all came out of Adam posting on the #MixedMentalArts meet up group that he would be in Columbus and asking if anyone else wanted to meet up. You can do the same in your neck of the woods:


Let me know if you're doing one and if you record a podcast we can drop it in the Mixed Mental Arts feed as part of this section of what we're doing.

You can support Drew's podcast The Sample Hour on Patreon here.

You can support James' podcast The Coolest Humans on Patreon here.

You can get Adam's book here.