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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

Nov 3, 2017

The media prophet Marshall McLuhan famously said “The Medium is the Message.” While broadcast television created superstars who spoke to us while we patiently listened, the many technologies that make up the internet send a different message. We live in what Marshall McLuhan called the global village. And this means, we need to think very differently about how we interact with each other and be very careful about putting everything we see and consume in the right context for the younger generation. Who better to talk with then than Chris, the host of The Contextual Podcast? Who is Chris? I don’t know. We met on the internet, struck up a conversation and decided to do a podcast.   Coming from the world of traditional media, you wouldn’t interview Chris. Why? Because Chris isn’t famous. In the endless quest for attention, you’re supposed to ally yourself with people who have lots of it. However, that celebrity culture is a massively dysfunctional one. It is an abuse of kids’ awe and sets up celebrities to be isolated from the rest of humanity. How do you subvert that? Treat everyone like one of your fellow humans who deserves a voice. Revolutions are not made by playing by the existing rules. They are made by insisting that the rules are the ones which fit your view of the world. Mixed Mental Arts believes that the key to making humanity’s first family dinner go well is building a culture in which everyone is heard.