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Mixed Mental Arts (Official)

Oct 8, 2017

We know. We're, like, the only Podcast on planet Earth with two Podcast feeds. But, somehow, you've found us. It's probably not destiny but it has been a weird nine months for Mixed Mental Arts. We hope this #repost of Episode 207 will answer the age (year) old question: WTF is Mixed Mental Arts?

We invite you to leave us a review with your thoughts on this new approach, insults, and maybe even guest suggestions. 

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We'll certainly be wrong along the way but maybe just maybe with the help of a lot of other people we might become slightly less idiotic over time. The fundamentals of your mental game are getting your assumptions right. We start here with the most basic assumption of all. What makes humans succeed? After hundreds of interviews and a lot of reading, we believe Harvard Professor Jo Henrich has found the answer. Humans are the only animal that can acquire culture. You can follow Professor Henrich on twitter @JoHenrich

(This episode originally aired in May 2016 as Episode 207)